Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Crafty Bits: Summer Shimmer & Gloriana

I'm apparently on a scarf kick, I started one for myself with a skein of Misti Baby Alpaca Suri Silk (the color is not as Whoa! as it is in the picture, thankfully) about a month ago. The pattern is Summer Shimmer Scarf from Purl Bee and it'll end up being a light-weight summery scarf though I think I'll use it to dress up a few suits at work. It's been going well and the pattern consists exactly four rows, two of which are "purl to end of row" which means it is perfect for vegging out with while watching a movie...or three seasons of Burn Notice, whatever floats your boat.

Summer Shimmer

******If you are my mother [and I'm guessing you not, because she does not use "that internet-thing"] TURN AWAY.******

On the other end of the scarf like objects is the Elizabeth I - Gloriana scarf. I made myself the much less complicated Town & Country a few years ago and while I love it, I've always wanted to tackle the other scarves that came in the pattern set [Dainty Bess & Gloriana]. I had originally intended for this to be a Christmas gift. I mean I had like 6 weeks or something in November when I started and that should have been plenty of time for a scarf. Right?


Haa! Ha ha haaaa!

Ha. Or you know, not. I have come to terms with the idea that I'm a slow knitter. I mean I plan on starting a stocking hat for a Christmas gift exchange that will happen in February of 2011. But sometimes I let myself get a little overly optimistic...like then. So instead of Christmas, she'll be getting this as a 50th birthday gift in July. The pattern is...complex and it's taking a while to get into it, but now that I seem to have found a groove I think I'll have it done in time. I can do two repeats a night with minimal mistakes, so that's nice. I'm glad I've moved beyond knit a row, rip a row, knit three rows, rip two, knit four, rip one, repeat, because that sucked and if we'd have continued that way things would have ended badly for both of us. That said the results are actually very nice and I may even be sorry to see it go when the time comes.

Elizabeth I - Gloriana


Mariah said...

Ooh the Glorianna is awesome. As usual your knitting is amazing.

redngm said...

Oh, it's beautiful. I remember the first scarf I knitted. It was a Christmas gift for an aunt, and I gave it to her in April. At least she lives in Chicago, so she might have had a day or two to wear it before putting it away for the season.